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You got into your business to spend more quality family time, quiet alone time, and adventure! But you have found yourself a slave to your business. Friend, it's time to flip the script!

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Let me know if this sounds familiar...

  • You’ve got one heckuva to-do list with no end in sight, as if  everything‘s a priority?

  • Emails, school pick ups, and nagging commitments have you changing hats constantly.

  • You often dream of tossing your phone out the window and taking the afternoon to just uhhh, what's that word again? Oh yeah, RELAX!

  • You and your husband  feel like ships passing in the night

  • “Mom Guilt” hits hard  when your kids want to spend time with you, but your business takes priority!

  • Oh and that hobby you’ve been longing to get to??... Spoiler Alert: It’s not happening this year!

  • You thought you wanted the mompreneur life, but the strings attached are weighing you down big time.


If that sounds about right, then keep on reading

Imagine how it would feel to...

End your day early and take your kids to the park while feeling caught up!

☞ Take a vacation without fearing the "makeup work" overload waiting for you when you get back!

☞ Have time to craft or read a good book without feeling guilty!

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Kellie-Anne Briand

I spent an hour with Lindsay and she really knows her stuff! She has great ideas, awesome ways of optimizing the content creation process and a lovely ease about her. I'd highly recommend you book a call with Lindsay and enquire about her content creation course. I'll certainly recommend her to all my clients.

Elysa Austin

I went from no business to an online business within 90 days with Lindsays 'My Unplugged Lifestyle Method.'  I'm still working with her because she gets right to the point and gives me step by step action to take as I go. 

Emily Tornatore

I had an incredible session with Lindsay gathering content for a new program I'm developing as well as blog content. She was amazing on picking up topics just from me talking about my business. She is very easy to talk to, has amazing questions that leads you in the right direction and really listens to what you are saying or don't even know that you are saying. I would highly recommend Lindsay. What an incredible investment in my business!

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